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An Ethical and Award-winning Proxy Network

Having a proxy IP address is an instrumental necessity when it comes to researching data across the globe. This would allow companies to access a wider reach without having to use VPNs to cloak their locations. Luminati is an award-winning ethical proxy service developed by Luminati Networks. With its strict rules on consent and compliance, Luminati offers anonymity while still being transparent online.

How Does It Work

Luminati works in two main ways. First, there is the Luminati SDK, which allows developers to integrate Luminati to their apps, providing revenue in exchange for idle resources from its users. The other way is in partnership with Hola VPN to create its large network. In Hola VPN's terms of service, they would ask users for consent to use their IP addresses. In exchange for a free VPN service, Luminati will be allowed to use their addresses for the app. They can then sell the IP addresses to companies. Fortunately, Luminati has strict compliance policies for both it's customers and peers to maintain it's ethical terms of service. For its peers, Luminati will only work when the device is not in use, connected to WiFi, and has enough battery power. This will ensure that users of Luminati won’t affect the device’s performance. No end-user data is collected through Luminati, either. For its customers, on the other hand, Luminati has a rigorous on-boarding process. Each new customer has to be thoroughly reviewed and approved by a compliance officer. If you’re a customer looking for a proxy network service, you can rest assured that Luminati at least gets the consent of the IP address holder before selling them, so you’re dealing with an ethical network tool. If you’re a peer, make sure to read the terms of service for Hola VPN to ensure that you’re not unwittingly selling your IP. That said, you can be sure that your data is secure and protected with Luminati.


  • Strict compliance policy
  • Does not collect end-user data
  • Only works when user conditions are optimal
  • Has usage monitoring


  • Users may give consent unwittingly
  • Might cause apps to be removed from Play Store

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Luminati 1.0 for PC

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